Terrestrial TV and Radio Coverage in Dorset
- including a survey of analogue terrestrial television
coverage and reception in the area

Graham Plumb, Duncan Parsons, Ian Pullen,
David Hemingway, Phil Marsden,
Dave Darlington, Chris Saxby

1. Executive Summary

This report details the main findings of an analogue TV coverage survey in South & West Dorset.  The survey found that coverage was mostly as expected and the main reason for poor reception was down to:

  • poor aerial installations or
  • ‘Contract’ aerials or
  • loft aerials or
  • aerials not pointed at the best transmitter

Modern houses tend not to have external rooftop aerials and this can make reception significantly poorer than is possible with a good quality rooftop aerial.

At the time of digital switchover, the powers of the existing Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT i.e. Freeview) stations will be significantly increased to improve coverage.  In addition, DTT will be added to all of the remaining TV relay stations so that analogue coverage will be substantially replicated by DTT at the time of switchover.

The following Hyperlinks detail the main sections of the report and make for easy navigation of the report.  Hyperlinks also exist in the sections allowing an easy return to this executive summary.

Maps are included showing the respondent locations and reported problems overlaid on predicted analogue TV coverage – for the overall area, Bridport, Lyme Regis, Beaminster, Chilfrome, Dorchester, Weymouth and Sherborne.

Maps are also included showing coverage of :-

Future BBC service aspirations for South & West Dorset are included in this report.  A detailed TV coverage survey report is included following a coverage survey that was undertaken in the area.  Examples are included of common problems with receiving installations including poor aerial installations.  Recommendations are included on trouble-shooting and tips to get the best reception:-

The report also includes some useful references.



2. Introduction

3. Maps showing respondent locations overlaid on analogue TV coverage

4. Future Service Aspirations

5. The Coverage Survey

    5.1. Detailed Coverage Measurements

         5.2. Examples of common problems with receiving installations

6. Recommendations

    6.1. Analogue TV Reception

       6.2. Analogue Radio Reception

          6.3. DAB Digital Radio Reception

              6.4. Digital Terrestrial TV (Freeview) Reception

7. Reference