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BBC Trust launches new consultation on Local Radio!
Wed 08 Jul 2015

The BBC Trust launched a new consultation on local radio on 6th July. Deadline for responses online or by post or even phone, is 28th SEPTEMBER 2015.
Despite the uncertainty regarding the Government's plans to curb the BBC's finances etc., we must assume that it is most likely that this consultation will not be affected. See:

It is vitally important that as many residents of Dorset, and hopefully visitors too, will respond strongly regarding the lack of a BBC Radio Dorset station. DORSET IS THE ONLY COUNTY IN SOUTHERN ENGLAND WITHOUT ONE!! At the moment, we have a breakfast time only programme on weekdays (103.8FM) and a morning programme on Saturday mornings.

However, THESE DO NOT REACH ALL OF THE COUNTY! IT COVERS ONLY THE AREAS AROUND DORCHESTER AND WEYMOUTH/PORTLAND! WHAT IS URGENTLY NEEDED IS ANOTHER TRANSMITTER TO COVER THE REST OF THE COUNTY! THIS WOULD TRANSFORM the service to everyone. With another transmitter in place, we should then expect the BBC to give us a full programme i.e. all day as in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire etc. etc.

Another key issue relates to the lack of News and Emergency announcements in the case of severe weather, major road traffic accidents or closures, or other major/serious events in the county, we all need to know! You will have seen on TV many times a statement that you should "LISTEN TO YOUR LOCAL RADIO FOR MORE INFORMATION" when, of course, we don't have one! Please do respond and encourage everyone else to too.

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