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Did you know that the new 4G mobile phone system can interfere with your TV?
Sun 07 Jun 2015

The following information comes from an organisation called at800, which has been set up under the auspices of the government and funded by the mobile phone operators to deal with any such interference. The method is to apply filters to the antenna system; exactly where, depends upon individual installations. All frequencies/channels are liable to be interfered with: not just the upper 50s, as reported in the press, but the low 20s are equally vulnerable. This means that those receiving transmissions from Stockland Hill, Rowridge, and Cerne Abbas among others could be adversely affected too. For those who are affected, at800 will protect the six main multiplexes, but not the new multiplexes being used for local services, nor any of the rebroadcast facilities established to overcome particular local areas where reception was either poor or non-existent. Equally there is no obligation to protect against interference from 4G devices in the home. If a computer, tablet, smartphone is causing interference, then the only remedy is to move outside the property, or stop watching TV! When at800 are told by mobile phone operator that they are starting to operate from a particular site, properties deemed likely to be affected are sent postcards telling people what to do in the event of their reception being interfered with. at800 are not told of any testing or commissioning transmissions. Therefore, the most realistic advice we can offer is wait for the postcards, unless you receive unusual periodic interference, which might be attributable to work on the transmitter sites. In which case, contact at800. The website is, and the telephone numbers are: 0808 13 13 800 and 0333 31 31 8020.

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