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BBC says it should ..
Sun 01 Feb 2015

Below are extracts from an announcement dated 28th January 2015:

"BBC News director James Harding said the BBC must 'deliver on its mission to inform beyond broadcasting' BBC News should increase both its local and global coverage and improve its digital services if it is to remain relevant, the corporation has said.
The BBC should "do more to provide local news that properly serves all parts of the UK", according to a report titled 'The Future of News'." "BBC News director James Harding said the need for the corporation to keep the public informed in an "exciting, uneven and noisy internet age" was "greater than ever". "The BBC is going to have to think about how to deliver on its mission to inform beyond broadcasting," he said. "It has a singular responsibility to provide the best quality global news coverage to people in the UK and audiences who sorely need it around the world." He said local news was suffering due to the decline of regional papers, at a time when devolution was shifting power away from Westminster.

"The BBC needs to consider how it can better serve people in the cities, the regions and the four nations of the whole of the UK," said Harding."" This must surely strengthen our case for a full BBC Dorset Radio Station?!

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