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Latest meeting with BBC shows promise.
Thu 29 Nov 2012

At a meeting with Jason Horton (Head of BBc South) and Chris Carnegy (Head of Radio Solent), on 23rd November, Oliver Letwin and representatives from DorBAG learned that:

1) Funding for the new Breakfast radio show for Dorset will get funds from 1st April, 2013, but expected launch will be June 2013 at the earliest. to allow for hiring, training, additional facilities etc.  

2) Hiring four additional staff will start early in the New Year with the hope they will be on Board ready for training in April.

3) Studies show that radio listening in Dorset is up 48% year on year with the Present Big Breakfast Show for Dorset (103.8 Mhz) on Saturday Mornings also increasing.

4) This programme will be an opt-out from BBC Radio Solent.    Timing planned to go out from 7:00 am to 9:00 am every day.    Rest of day will be the normal Radio Solent.

5) Oliver Letwin/DorBAG offered to help with the launch publicity.

6) Extended FM coverage to cover all of Dorset unlikely, but hope is that when DAB is extended, Dorset will have full coverage for local radio.

7) BBC investigating how to add new programme to BBC Dorset web site with means of recording if possible.

8) Those who watch HD TV and find they cannot get local news on HD - Original plan was to launch the more populous regions first - but that has yet to be achieved.  So far, only London is served.   So you have to switch from HD to normal TV if you want to watch the local news.

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