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BBC Trust launched Public Consultation on Local Radio - have your say! Deadline 21st DECEMBER, 2011
Mon 12 Dec 2011

We have been informed that the BBC Trust is presently focusing heavily on reviewing Local Radio!   To this end, they have posted an ONLINE consultation document on their thoughts, which only requires a little of your time to complete.    We have been actively encouraged to respond by BBC management as they feel this consultation process could be of considerable help in Dorset’s cause, provided we respond in numbers!   You should know that, finally, a bid has actually been made by the senior management to the Trust for the introduction of Radio Solent's planned breakfast/drive by programme for Dorset.    It has been suggested that support on this consultation will carry a lot of weight this time!      (We know the present proposal to cover the existing Radio Solent range is not the ideal we want, but we must support Solent's submission, which we hope will become the beginning of getting a system in the future that covers all of Dorset.)
Clearly, you do not have much time to respond to this consultation document, (it won't take long to complete), which you can find at 
 (DEADLINE is 21ST DECEMBER!)!    This is an opportunity to have your say directly with the Trust.   Obviously, the more comments we send in, the more weight they will carry.   N.B. The first question asks which BBC Local radio station you listen to with tick boxes - you will see that Dorset is not listed, so if you don't/can't listen to a proper local BBC radio station for your area, please leave the page blank and move on to Question 2 (there are only 8 questions in all).   Questions 2 to 8 give you the opportunity to comment on their proposals - this is your opportunity to have your say, including noting why Dorset doesn't appear in any form in Question 1!
Good luck and seasons greetings.

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