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Status of Freeview digital TV reception in North Dorset
Sat 20 Nov 2010

DorBAG has received several complaints regarding the quality of Freeview Digital TV reception in the north of the county.    DorBAG believes that the transmission authorities have made some amendments as to which transmitter covers each area.    This could mean that someone who was on the Stockland Hill (BBC Spotlight) or Mendip (BBC Points West) transmitters, or their relays, on analogue TV before switchover,  and receiving a perfectly good signal, could now find digital reception is poor with signal breaks etc.  Clearly there are grey areas where there are overlaps, and we would recommend to anyone with problems to go to and enter your post code, tick the "I am in the aerial installation trade" box to find which transmitter is recommended for your location.   Of course, adjacent properties with the same post code sometimes find they have to tune to different transmitters due to obstructions in their “line of sight” to the transmitter.    If in doubt, we recommend you contact a qualified TV aerial installer to verify the best option for you.  

Those who receive BBC South Today are in the Meridian television region, for which digital switchover does not begin until 2012.  Therefore any digital reception for them is presently a bonus and, unfortunately, poor reception can be expected from time to time. 

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