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Watch out for Ofcom's/BBC's TV Reception Survey Van in your area during week commecing Monday 15th O
Sat 13 Nov 2010

Ofcom and the BBC are carrying out a survey of Digital TV  (Freeview) reception in West Dorset, beginning 15 Nov 10 for a week.   They are investigating some of the many complaints received by DorBAG on the quality of digital TV reception in their area.    Many stated that their neighbours were also having problems.    DorBAG has highlighted the areas most affected to Ofcom who have agreed to carry out a survey.   So look out for a van with a TV aerial on a tall mast in your area.
Please approach them if you see the survey vehicle, and you have reception problems.    Also. would you please tell your neighbours of this.
Even if all is now well, please tell them the detail of the problems you have encountered. Points to emphasise (if they apply) include having a **satisfactory analogue signal before switchover, particular times of day when reception is unsatisfactory, differential loss of programmes, for example loss of BBC but not ITV.  We really do need to get Ofcom to understand that something has to be done.  The status quo is not acceptable, and cannot be allowed to stand.  It would be useful (again if it applies) to emphasise that people have been forced to abandon the terrestrial service, and resort to a satellite solution with the additional costs involved, where this is possible without contravening the provisions of planning regulations.
May we remind you that this is a technical survey.  Ofcom have been warned of the fury of those being served by relays over the comparative paucity of programmes, and, especially, the loss of ITV 3 and 4 after the national retune. It will do no harm to mention it if you so wish, but this team has no influence on which programmes are transmitted on which multiplex.  Be assured that we have the people who are responsible in our sights as well.
The DorBAG team 
** Ofcom stated before switchover to Digital TV that “anyone who can receive analogue today, will receive Digital after switchover”!   This clearly implied there was no need to change or update any equipment!

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