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BBC et al plan to launch TV over the internet!
Mon 27 Sep 2010

The BBC and other channel companies are to launch "YouView".   You will shortly be able to watch Freeview and other channels on your TV over the internet (assuming you have a reasonable Broadband link).     However, you will have to pay £200 for another box that will convert TV on the broadband link to the TV.   Apart from paying £200 for yet another box, you will need to consider if your broadband is fast enough, and also be prepared that, (depending on your broadband contract)you may have to pay for a  higher download allowance as video over broadband uses up your allowance very quickly.

However, it is an alternative way of accessing Freeview (including giving the ability to view programmes transmitted over the previous 7 days).    For those with poor Freeview reception, this might be a useful alternative, although one might ask why the BBC is spending Licence Fee money on yet another (at least for some years) non-universal broadcasting medium.

See day for details.


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