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New ONLINE Freeview Report Form launched on this web site!
Sun 14 Feb 2010

Still having problems with receiving Freeview after digital switchover?  
The Dorset Broadcasting Action Group  (DorBAG) needs to hear from you.

DorBAG is still receiving complaints from parts of Dorset regarding reception problems with Freeview following digital switchover.   The impression we have is that there are still quite a few viewers with ongoing problems and so, in order to quantify these problems, an online Report Form has been created - click on "TV Reception Report" - where you can easily enter details of your own problems online.   There is also a link (near the top of the form) to a printable version for those who require a hard copy - e.g. for residents without computers.    The hard copy has a return postal address on the bottom of the form to Burton Bradstock Post Office (it will require a stamp!).

This report asks for both, concerns at the loss of (without any warning or consultation) ITV 3 & 4 from local relay transmitters, and/or reception problems with one or more Freeview channels, whether they are intermittent, short term breaks, experiencing interference, or are permanently having a problem.

The intention is to formally raise these issues with the top management of the broadcasting authorities with a view to achieving proper resolutions of these problems.

However, you should notice that at the top of the online form, there are some tips on resolving reception problems which may help, and which we recommend you try first.   

DorBAG cannot guarantee to ensure that all those individuals who complain about Freeview reception difficulties, will be responded to in every case although, if we can see a possible or obvious solution, we will try to help.

Even if viewers are not having reception problems, we hope everyone will complete the very short form complaining about the loss of ITV 3 & 4 channels on local relay transmitters.    Surely it is totally unfair for those on local relay transmitters to not only receive considerably less channels than those lucky enough to be receiving their signal from a main transmitter, but to have recently had ITV 3 & 4 taken away as well?  After all, they do not get a rebate on their Licence Fee!

The more support this Problem Report receives, the stronger the case we will have to press the broadcasting authorities to resolve these problems.

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