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Please support BBC Trusts public consultation for BBC Local teams
Tue 08 Jul 2008

As many of you know, we have been fighting the BBC for proper coverage of local news on radio and TV for Dorset for some time.   Earlier this year, following the cancellation of the planned BBC Radio Dorset project, Andy Griffee, Head of BBC English Regions, made a commitment to add five new staff to the county, including a Managing Editor, under the auspices of a new BBC concept entitled “BBC Local”.   The Managing Editor, in particular, is absolutely key to putting Dorset ‘on the map’ at long last.   Andy’s commitment was based on the fact that the BBC is planning to introduce, (subject to ratification by the BBC Trust after public consultation and trials), a new set of 5 person teams for each county under the name “BBC Local”.   Their focus would be to gather local news and events coverage for the county, but while initially that material will go on the BBC’s County web sites, as this is local news material, it will automatically also be available for radio and television!   It is therefore very appropriate for us either way, but most importantly, it would give us a senior Managing Editor based in Dorchester!
So the commitment by the BBC to Dorset is a major one.
However, it is vital that the BBC Trust does ratify this plan to put “BBC Local” teams in all the counties, and especially Dorset.   And you can help make sure this happens!   Please go to the BBC Trust’s web page via the link below and read their public consultation paper on “BBC Local”.   You will see at the top that you can make your comments by filling in the questionnaire on-line.   Supporting this proposal is ABSOLUTELY KEY to Dorset getting its own Managing Editor and our own team of reporters to cover our local news - all based within the county!  
So, we MUST support this proposal in the strongest terms, and we ask that EVERYONE PLEASE takes a few minutes to complete & strongly support the concept of “BBC Local” in the consultation form.
Please note that the closing date is 4th August!   So while there is plenty of time for you, your friends and your neighbours to give their supportive views, with holidays coming up, might it not be better to do it right away?   Anything you can do to also spread the word would be most welcome.

If we can get this team in place, we will be well on the way to resolving many of the issues concerning lack of local news for Dorset.  
We hope we can count on your support.

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