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Dorset County Council adds its weight to the DorBAG Campaign!
Mon 03 Mar 2008

On 14th February, the Dorset County Council met and "enthusiastically" endorsed Cllr Ron Coatsworth's motion regarding the cancellation of BBC Radio Dorset.   As a result, the council has now written to Sir Michael Lyons (Chairman of the BBC Trust) with a copy to Professor Lord Currie (Chairman of OfcOM) - below are the contents of the letter:

"Dear Sir Michael,

At the meeting of Dorset County Council on 14th February, a motion was submitted by County Councillor Ronald Coatsworth about radio coverage in Dorset.

Following debate, during which elected members from across political groups expressed their support for a single radio station for the County, the County Council resolved unanimously:-

"That this Council -

  • deplores the decision of the BBC Trust not to proceed with the re-launch of BBC Radio Dorset

  • supports the Dorset Broadcasting Action Group (DorBAG) in their efforts to secure our own County cover of news and activities on radio and terrestrial television in Dorset and improved reception coverage."

I attach a copy of a short background report.

I should be grateful if the Trust could reconsider in the light of the strongly held views of Dorset County Council and many others in Dorset.  We are keen to be engaged in this important issue and are very happy to contribute in any way we can.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

David Jenkins - Chief Executive"

DorBAG looks forward to working closely with the County Council in fighting for proper services for the County of Dorset.   Watch this space!

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