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URGENT!!! Call for comments.
Mon 14 Jan 2008

1) VERY URGENT!!!   Please read the following article in the Dorset Echo and we hope you will add your supportive comments straight away - not just on radio but for local news on TV too.   The County Council is to meet on 16th January i.e. THIS WEDNESDAY, to consider Ron Coatsworth's motion, so you have to move fast if you want to help.  Just click on the link and add comments in the box at the bottom of the page.

This is a real chance to help influence others in the county (and perhaps other County Councillors) prior to the meeting on 16th Jan.   It will also show the press how strongly many of us feel about the lack of proper services from the BBC that we have to endure, year after year!   Ron Coatsworth's full proposal is shown on$file/CABJAN08BBCRADIOREPORT.pdf)

2) The Executive Committee met on 11th January to review progress.   Oliver Letwin MP and Jim Knight MP are to meet Mark Thompson of the BBC in the next two weeks to discuss the concerns raised about Dorset being "underserved" and in support of the letter signed by most MPs in Dorset.   The meeting discussed and reinforced the issues and concerns that DorBAG stands for on both radio and on television.

In addition, Oliver Letwin recently wrote to Andy Griffin, Head of the BBC's English Regions reinforcing our complaints about the very poor service that Dorset receives.

We await with interest the outcome of the two approaches above.   In the meantime, please help support us by adding comments to the Dorset Echo as above, and promote the petition.

3) New books:  If you wish to know more about radio or television in the area, there are two new inexpensive pocket books now out, one for radio and one for television, with up to-date information on what is happening - e.g. on radio with DAB or the new DAB+ and on television with the switchover to Digital etc.   They also list transmitters, their channel allocations, what is going to happen etc. etc.  They each cover everything you are likely to want to know about either radio or TV.      Go to


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