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Dorset MPs write to the BBC & SWEDBAG becomes DorBAG
Thu 29 Nov 2007

MPs from right across Dorset (of all three main parties) have sent a joint letter to Mark Thompson of the BBC demanding that they reverse the decision to cancel the planned BBC Radio Dorset station.   We await their response.

In the meantime, the petition is going rather slowly.   However, we hope that the town and borough councils in the rest of Dorset will add some weight to the campaign - we await their response at this time.   What we really need is a chain mail approach to e-mails where the recipients send on to, say, 10 others and so on?

Finally, in order to present the petition, in particular, as a county wide campaign, we have finally decided to change the name of SWEDBAG to simply DorBAG (Dorset Broadcasting Action Group) .   The web site has been changed and printable/downloadable petition forms & posters are now available - see the DorBAG front page.   Don't worry about SWEDBAG, searching for SWEDBAG will be directed to the DorBAG web site.

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