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Mon 12 Nov 2007

At the SWEDBAG Executive Committee meeting held on 10th November, 2007, it was agreed that in order to give the BBC something that is most likely to get them to reconsider their recent decision to scrap BBC Radio Dorset, we really need a very large petition with at the very least 25,000 names from across all of Dorset!   That's only about 1,500 per town!   Hence, we are now in the process of contacting towns and parishes in other parts of Dorset for their support too as this is a county wide issue.  

Petition closing date is end of December, 2007.

As you know, the petition is already set up on the web site ( and is very easy to complete.   Could we please ask you to add your names, and also help promote it, if you haven't already? A printable version will be available soon.   We also want to substantially expand this newletter e-mailing list, and plan that the petition will provide the names - this way we can keep greater numbers informed and trust that they, in turn, will help generate even more petition signatures. 

To give a very solid boost to this campaign, the meeting decided to ask all councils e.g. town & parish councils in particular, to very actively promote this petition, and for the town councils to hold at least one "petition day" in the towns' centre linked to e.g. Farmers' or Christmas Markets.   We will be creating banners, posters, fliers, stickers etc. to help promote the petition.  

As we are now inviting the other towns & parishes in Dorset to support us, we felt we had to move this campaign away from being associated with just 'South & West Dorset' - so one of our intrepid supporters purchased a new 'Dorset' web site which links to the petition!   And the URL is....wait for it... !!     Have a look for yourselves!    So we now have a site that isn't specific to SWEDBAG although it is, of course, linked to it (wonder what the Beeb will think of it?).

Thank you to those who submitted their comments on the BBC web page "Have Your Say" - the numbers of responses on that site are still not great, but we think it is a good idea to also give them your comments.    However, the Petition is an absolute must & is our main thrust!   Please help in any way you can.

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