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BBC asks for feedback on cancellation of Radio Dorset - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR SAY!!
Wed 24 Oct 2007

As you know, the BBC has cancelled it's plans for a new FM Radio Dorset due to cut backs.   However, the BBC now has a web page asking for feedback on this decision entitled "No BBC Radio Dorset:   Have Your Say" - you can find this feedback page at:

Anyone call fill this in and say what they think, (although they edit out complete comments if they feel there are "legal" implications).

After all, Devon and Cornwall each have their own radio stations (& a joint TV station) while we are completely "underserved" (the BBC has admitted this several times), being shared between Southampton, Plymouth and Bristol.   It's no wonder we don't get a decent service on radio or TV when it comes to local news/events coverage!   

You should know that we understand that the BBC was "...on the brink of launching Radio Dorset" when the cuts were announced.   This means everything is in place and they could easily reinstate it, and quickly - if only we can get them to change their minds by sheer pressure of opinion.

Don't forget that in the SWEDBAG survey of some 40,000 residents, approximately 4,000 responded, of which 95% demanded local radio for Dorset!

Thus we very much hope that all residents of Dorset will send in their comments opposing the cuts and demanding this planned service be put in place forthwith.   We also hope you will encourage as many other residents to do the same.  

The BBC's offer of a local online news service, while a useful add-on is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR OUR OWN LOCAL RADIO STATION!      It will be many years yet before we all get our radio and TV news etc. routinely via broadband!  So radio is still our only viable medium for local news.   And DAB is a long way off from being complete in Dorset.

We very much hope the BBC will be indundated with demands for this service to be provided after all.      It really is up to you to give them your comments and to spread the word to your friends, colleagues, press etc. etc.   Please help fight for our own FM radio station.    

This is a key opportunity to convey the strength of feeling in Dorset to have its own BBC Radio Dorset on FM.   This may be our only chance to force the BBC to reconsider  

So have your say NOW, but please also add your name to our online petition linked from the SWEDBAG home page

And anyway, whether you have a computer or not, if you wouldn't mind, please also write to both:

Mark Thompson


BBC Broadcasting House



Lord Currie of Marylebone



Riverside Walk

2a Southwark Bridge Road



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