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Key points from SWEDBAG Exec Committee meeting 21st September, 2007
Tue 25 Sep 2007

Meeting attended by Mike Hapgood (new Head of BBC South), Bill Taylor (South West Region Manager for Digital UK) and Mark Evans - Technical Specialist from Digital UK.
1)      BBC Information bus tour feedback
 Bill Taylor reported high attendance of approx. 1,500 over the four days
2)      BBC
a.       BBC is looking at new ways of providing news using new technologies
b.       On-line video spreading
c.        Ceefax (analogue) will end with switchover to digital
d.       Agree local news not good enough today
e.       FM Dorset radio.  The proposal is in the budget. (BBC Trust to decide on 17th October!)
f.     Oliver Letwin advised that he and Jim Knight had written to the Chairman of the BBC Trust for a meeting to add weight to our case for coverage of local news and events before final decisions are made.
g.       BBC FreeSat  planned to be free (no subscription) as alternative to SKY.
h.      Now reportedly expected Spring 2008 (but keeps slipping)
i.       FreeSat will use the same dish as SKY so people will be able switch over.
j.       Can buy dish from installers (not necessarily SKY), but would need to buy SKY card to receive commercial channels (£23.50).
k.        DigitalUK is in contact with national parks/conservation area authorities etc. who don't want dishes on buildings.  Hope to have solution soon.  
l.       BBC Dorset web site has been re-designed for ease of use -  Might have maps where viewers could click on an area for news in that area - Limited news would be expanded
3)      Digital Television:
a.       Mark Evans reported on an Improved Post Code check system for DTT.  It is live now but not fully completed                                                            
b.      Page 284 on Teletext gives a guide - if it doesn't work, a new aerial is probably required.
c.      Switchover timetable unchanged:                                                             
i.      2nd quarter of 2009 i.e. April to June.    West Dorset, Exeter, Torbay and all areas served by Stockland Hill & Beacon Hill.   All the relays associated with a main transmitter go at the same time.
ii.      3rd quarter 2009 i.e. July to September. Everything else i.e. Huntshaw Cross, Caradon Hill and Redruth.  
iii.      Check on for status.
d.        All relays will be converted, and a very small number of additional ones are planned, as indicated by Ofcom.  [Note: there are no new relays planned for Dorset].   However not all Freeview channels will be transmitted on the relays (details provided by ME are on the web site under Swedbag Latest).
e.       Possible conflict between frequencies of Stockland Hill and Rowridge transmitters being investigated.
f.       Lyme Regis reception is expected to improve after switchover

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