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Current plans for digital TV channels on local relay transmitters
Tue 25 Sep 2007

DigitalUK has advised the following possible line up of digital channels that will be carried on the local relay transmitters after digital switchover.   Please note that these lists may change in 2008, but they give an idea of the likely services available and dispels the myth that there will only be the present four channels.

"The relay transmitters will carry the three public service multiplexes.  These multiplexes are currently known as Mux 1, Mux 2 and Mux B, but at switchover they will change to be BBC A, D3&4 and BBC B and it is these latter multiplexes which will be transmitted from the relays.

 We don’t yet know the exact line-up of channels on these multiplexes, and won’t do until later in 2008 when they first come on air from the Selkirk transmitter.  However, they will at the very least include all the BBC’s digital services, ITV1, C4 and C5.  To get an idea of what might be available, the current line-up is:

 Mux 1                           Mux 2                                       Mux B

BBC One                      ITV1                                          BBC Four

BBC Two                      ITV2                                          Cbeebies

BBC Three                    ITV3                                          BBC Parliament

BBC News 24                ITV4                                          BBCi

CBBC                           CITV                                         Community Channel

BBCi                             C4                                            Radio 1 (Radio)

                                    C4+1                                        Radio 2 (Radio)

                                    E4                                            Radio 3 (Radio)

                                    More 4                                      Radio 4 (Radio)

                                    Teletext                                     Radio Five Live (Radio)

                                    Heart (Radio)                             Five Live Sports Extra (Radio)

                                    RadioMusicShop (Radio)           BBC 6 Music

                                                                                    BBC 7

                                                                                    BBC Asian Network

 Note that not all of the channels are on the air all of the time, and C5 will move to one of these multiplexes at switchover."

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