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BBC Bus Tour in Dorset this week! News of joint BBC/SWEDBAG press conference
Mon 02 Apr 2007

On Monday, 2nd April 2007, the BBC and SWEDBAG held a joint press conference in Dorchester in which Graham Plumb, Head of BBC's Distribution, presented the results of a survey the BBC had carried out to investigate why so many residents had complained of poor reception, specifically for analogue television. For the full BBC report, click here (which covers much more than just information on analogue television), the BBC's press release click here and SWEDBAG's Press Release click here . In addition, to complement this report, the BBC is taking an information bus round specific towns in South & West Dorset to answer any questions residents may have. Time is very short, as the tour actually starts on Tuesday 3rd April visiting five towns in that week, but we hope residents will be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get help from BBC & DigitalUK experts. Oliver Letwin MP, Chair of SWEDBAG, said “TV reception is an issue that many people in West Dorset have raised with me over time. I am delighted that, as a result of the work done by SWEDBAG, the BBC has now produced this enormously useful survey and the information bus tour. They should help many people to improve their reception immediately. They should also help us to make the best possible use of the opportunities provided by digital switchover in our area in 2009."”

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