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Tue 26 Jul 2005

BECAUSE OF THE SHEER NUMBER OF SHOCKING PROBLEMS REPORTED SO FAR, THE COMMITTEE HAS DECIDED TO EXTEND THE DEADLINE FOR THE RETURN OF COMPLETED QUESTIONNAIRES TO ENSURE EVERY RESIDENT IN SOUTH & WEST DORSET HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THEIR SAY, SO THE DEADLINE FOR COMPLETED FORMS HAS BEEN EXTENDED! Hence, the survey is NOT FINISHED – there is still time! Those individuals who have not yet seen a questionnaire should contact their local town or parish council for a copy. Alternatively, you can fill in the questionnaire here, on-line (or even print one off for later, or for a friend or neighbour). Councils with any queries should contact the WEDBAG Secretary, Adrian Wood on 01308 897 087 or Ken Pett on 01308 897 550 or e-mail: Wedbag THIS IS PROBABLY THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY FOR SOUTH & WEST DORSET RESIDENTS TO INFLUENCE THE BROADCASTERS SO AS TO OBTAIN A SATISFACTORY SERVICE ON RADIO AND TELEVISION, ESPECIALLY WITH SWITCH-OVER TO DIGITAL TRANSMISSIONS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, SO WE WOULD URGE AS MANY RESIDENTS AS POSSIBLE TO COMPLETE A FORM IF THEY HAVEN'T ALREADY DONE SO. We aim TO REACH AT LEAST 4,000 FORMS!! Our message to South/West Dorset residents is “PLEASE HELP US TO HELP YOU”.

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