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Brief report on meeting 22nd Sept. 2006
Mon 25 Sep 2006

At the Executive Meeting with the BBC and Digital UK on 22nd September, 2006, the BBC reported on progress in a number of areas. A number of key issues were discussed with actions agreed to keep up the momentum: In general, the BBC is still planning to provide Dorset with its own FM radio station, with improved coverage of the area (but it won't affect national FM stations). They also plan to provide local TV news. Bill Baggs has already been appointed as an additional Video Journalist based in Weymouth. Bill will work closely with, well established, Jonathan Hudston who is based in Dorchester. The present unknown is the governments' decision on the BBCs new charter, and the level at which the government sets the licence fee. If the budgets are approved, Dorset is top of the list and things should start moving! Decision is likely to be in the New Year. In the meantime, considerable work is underway to minimise the number of residents who are presently having TV reception problems. More news to follow.

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