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Sat 20 Oct 2018
New opportunities for BBC Local Radio in Dorset? .....more

Wed 17 Oct 2018
BBC new Local Radio head announced .....more

Sat 28 Nov 2015
Great News. You can now listen to BBC Breakfast in Dorset radio programme on IPlayer!! .....more

Wed 08 Jul 2015
BBC Trust launches new consultation on Local Radio! .....more

Sun 07 Jun 2015
Did you know that the new 4G mobile phone system can interfere with your TV? .....more

Fri 17 Apr 2015
BBC Trust to issue a new Consultation on Local Radio .....more

Sun 01 Feb 2015
BBC says it should .. .....more

Mon 10 Nov 2014
BBC hopes to give Dorset a county-wide radio service for the first time .....more

Wed 12 Mar 2014
BBC and DCC both give interesting details of plans for Dorset .....more

Wed 03 Jul 2013
BBC names new reporter & date of launch of the new Breakfast radio programme for Dorset .....more

Fri 03 May 2013
Plans announced for the Dorset BBC Breakfast Programme to be Launched in July 2013! .....more

Tue 05 Feb 2013
BBC turns down outstanding offer! .....more

Thu 29 Nov 2012
Latest meeting with BBC shows promise. .....more

Thu 29 Nov 2012
DAB Reception Isnít Easy! There are some limitations! .....more

Tue 29 May 2012
Final Ofcom report on ................ .....more

Mon 21 May 2012
BBC announces new local radio station for Dorset!! .....more

Tue 17 Apr 2012
Latest transmitter power levels & frequencies for Rowridge & Stockland Hill .....more

Wed 04 Apr 2012
BBC Trust to decide on Local Radio Strategy and Dorset\'s bid .....more

Tue 13 Dec 2011
BBC Video reporter no longer based in Dorchester! .....more

Mon 12 Dec 2011
BBC Trust launched Public Consultation on Local Radio - have your say! Deadline 21st DECEMBER, 2011 .....more

Tue 26 Apr 2011
DorBAG launches its Blog! Have your say and tell your friends! .....more

Tue 15 Feb 2011
Digital UK announces switchover dates for the Meridian TV area .....more

Fri 11 Feb 2011
A brief History of the farcical situation regarding the BBC and its plans for BBC Radio Dorset .....more

Fri 28 Jan 2011
BBC Radio Dorset survey results and update on progress .....more

Sat 20 Nov 2010
Status of Freeview digital TV reception in North Dorset .....more

Sat 13 Nov 2010
Watch out for Ofcom's/BBC's TV Reception Survey Van in your area during week commecing Monday 15th O .....more

Mon 25 Oct 2010
BT are asking for residents to vote ONLINE for fibre optic broadband in their local town/village. .....more

Mon 27 Sep 2010
BBC et al plan to launch TV over the internet! .....more

Mon 28 Jun 2010
Brief news from meeting with BBC and Digital UK .....more

Fri 05 Mar 2010
BBC hires more staff for Dorset! Notes on last DorBAG meeting with BBC & Digital UK. .....more

Sun 14 Feb 2010
New ONLINE Freeview Report Form launched on this web site! .....more

Sun 14 Feb 2010

Wed 11 Nov 2009
BBC announces new initiatives for Dorset! .....more

Thu 05 Nov 2009
BBC Spotlight is holding the Children in Need programme this year in Weymouth Sea Life Centre .....more

Mon 02 Nov 2009
Can you help by lobbying the BBC? .....more

Sat 25 Jul 2009
New look BBC Dorset web site to be launched .....more

Thu 23 Jul 2009
BBC Radio Solent is launching a new weekend radio programme for listeners in south-west Dorset .....more

Sat 04 Jul 2009
Sir Michael Lyons promises to look into Dorset's broadcasting problems .....more

Sat 04 Jul 2009
News of BBC progress in Dorset .....more

Mon 18 May 2009
An opportunity to lobby Sir Michael Lyons - Chair of BBC Trust! .....more

Thu 16 Apr 2009
Digital UK issues latest line up of what channels are on which multiplex .....more

Thu 02 Apr 2009
Digital UK issues agreed guidelines for aerials/dishes on listed buildings .....more

Sun 18 Jan 2009
BBC has submitted its bids for Dorset to the Trust .....more

Mon 24 Nov 2008
New opportunity for Dorset to get a full & proper service from the BBC .....more

Wed 15 Oct 2008

Fri 05 Sep 2008
BBC snubs Dorset with launch of Gaelic channel for just 60,000 people .....more

Sat 19 Jul 2008
BBC, Ofcom & Digital UK meet with DorBAG Committee Friday 18th July .....more

Tue 08 Jul 2008
Please support BBC Trusts public consultation for BBC Local teams .....more

Thu 08 May 2008
BBC/ITV's FreeSat launched .....more

Fri 02 May 2008
BBC to launch FreeSat & Digital UK announces switchover dates to digital TV in South West .....more

Tue 18 Mar 2008
Andy Griffee, Controller of BBC English Regions to meet with DorBAG Committee .....more

Mon 03 Mar 2008
Dorset County Council adds its weight to the DorBAG Campaign! .....more

Sun 27 Jan 2008
BBC commits to better equipment, more staff and a Managing Editor for Dorset .....more

Mon 14 Jan 2008
URGENT!!! Call for comments. .....more

Thu 29 Nov 2007
Dorset MPs write to the BBC & SWEDBAG becomes DorBAG .....more

Mon 12 Nov 2007
Please support the Petition to Save BBC radio Dorset. Go now to .....more

Wed 24 Oct 2007
BBC asks for feedback on cancellation of Radio Dorset - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR SAY!! .....more

Sun 21 Oct 2007
BBC scraps plans for BBC Radio Dorset due to cut backs .....more

Tue 25 Sep 2007
Key points from SWEDBAG Exec Committee meeting 21st September, 2007 .....more

Tue 25 Sep 2007
Current plans for digital TV channels on local relay transmitters .....more

Thu 16 Aug 2007
SWEDBAG Executive Committee to meet new Head of BBC South .....more

Sat 30 Jun 2007
The BBC Information Bus is coming back to West Dorset! .....more

Thu 28 Jun 2007
Digital UK finds many tenants unclear on digital switchover .....more

Mon 21 May 2007
Do you have a story to tell? The BBC wants to hear from you! .....more

Mon 21 May 2007
BBC Information Bus returns to West Dorset Ė Early September 2007 .....more

Mon 02 Apr 2007
BBC Bus Tour in Dorset this week! News of joint BBC/SWEDBAG press conference .....more

Fri 23 Mar 2007
BBC & SWEDBAG to give press conference on 2nd April .....more

Fri 16 Feb 2007
"Wrong switchover advice exposed by Manchester Evening News" .....more

Sun 24 Dec 2006
BBC Licence Fee & Next Executive Committee Meeting .....more

Wed 25 Oct 2006
Interesting Article on Digital Television .....more

Mon 23 Oct 2006
DigitalUK announces South West's switchover dates .....more

Fri 20 Oct 2006
BBC Spotlight to interview Digital UK Head tonight - 20th October, 2006! .....more

Mon 25 Sep 2006
Brief report on meeting 22nd Sept. 2006 .....more

Tue 12 Sep 2006
Digital UK appoints new manager for South West .....more

Thu 25 May 2006
Andy Griffee, Controller of BBC English Regions, to attend next SWEDBAG Executive Committee meeting. .....more

Thu 25 May 2006
BBC to sample survey analogue TV reception problem areas .....more

Thu 20 Apr 2006
Head of BBC's Distribution Technology to present at next meeting! .....more

Mon 27 Mar 2006
BBC to report progress on 5th May .....more

Fri 03 Feb 2006
Ofcom provides useful information on FM and DAB coverage in .....more

Sun 29 Jan 2006
BBC plans to sunstantially improve Dorset services!! .....more

Sat 21 Jan 2006
BBC Dorset Web Site .....more

Thu 22 Dec 2005
SWEDBAG meets BBC, Ofcom & Digital UK - PROGRESS at last!! .....more

Sat 10 Dec 2005
Date of Meeting with BBC, OFCOM & Digital UK confirmed! .....more

Sun 16 Oct 2005
October 2005 news: The next step .....more

Tue 26 Jul 2005

Tue 26 Jul 2005
Interim results shocking! 95% want local news and weather! .....more

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