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Digital switchover is complete. Below are some queries that might help you:

The Trust Chairman and Director General’s contact details are at the bottom of that page.

Q What happens after switchover?
A The digital transmitter power was increased (over existing levels) to give better coverage/reception & analogue relay transmitters will be upgraded to digital, but those relying on the Stockland Hill (Honiton) transmitter only get a partial increase in power until 2012 (!) when the Rowridge (Isle of Wight) analogue transmitter is switched off. This is, we are told, because of the risk of cross interferenc

Q Will Terrestrial Digital TV reach everyone in Dorset?
A Ofcom said "if you can receive analogue TV today, you will receive digital TV on switchover". Time will tell, but a good digital aerial will help if your reception isn’t perfect. However, we are hearing of a number of problems. It seems that the answer is not.

Q Will I need to install a new aerial to receive digital TV?

A If you had one installed within the last two years or so, you should be OK. Otherwise, it is a case of trying it to see if it works and if not, then a new aerial and low loss cable could well be needed. Alternatively, you can ask your local TV aerial company to do a survey for you or, if you can borrow a set top box from a friend, plug it in and see if it finds digital channels with your existing aerial. NOTE: Loft aerials lose 50% of the signal!

Q Will my distribution amplifier work with digital?
A Similar to above – new ones should be OK. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer of your unit.

Q When TV is digital only, what about my analogue tape recorder (VCR)? Will that still work?
A You can still use it to play tapes, but it won’t be able to record digital signals directly from the aerial - unless you are able to connect the Freeview box to the tape recorder first and then take the SCART output from the VCR to the TV (would need two SCART sockets on the rear of the VCR for this). Or you could record from the TV, but only the programme you are watching! So you will not be able to record one digital programme while watching another. The best solution is to buy a new DVD or Hard Drive recorder with one (or two) digital decoders built-in along with a digital TV with Freeview also built in so you have independent digital units.

Q Is the BBC going to do anything to improve reception of analogue FM radio in Dorset?

A The BBC says it has no plans to improve national FM coverage. Their focus is now on DAB (even though that is incomplete in Dorset both in terms of coverage and also the number of channels. It has a way to go yet & there are concerns as some broadcasters are puling out of DAB due to poor listerners' figures!) However, they have introduced a new weekday breakfast programme on 103.8 fm. As this is transmitted from the Bincombe Hill transmitter between Dorchester and Weymouth, it will only reach mid and south Dorset..

Q Are they going to switch off analogue radio at the same time as TV?
A A working party has been studying this and recommended to the Government to switch over in 2015, although the Government is delaying this. At the moment, DAB is far from complete in terms of channels and coverage and in Dorset, we don't get local BBC Radio (i.e. Radio Solent) for commercial reasons.

Q How do I choose the right aerial for Freeview?
A Click on this link : Best Aerials for Freeview

Q How can I find out more information?
A Try visiting one of the websites listed on our Useful links page, or phoning the appropriate organisations listed.

Q Whom do I write to if I want to complain and support DorBAG’s activities?
A Please contact us and we suggest you also write to one or, preferably, both of the following:

Tony Hall
BBC Broadcasting House

Ms Rona Fairhead (Chairman)
BBC Trust Unit
180 Great Portland Street

Dame Patricia Hodgson (Chairman), and Sharon White(CEO)
Riverside Walk
2a Southwark Bridge Road


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