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Previous Newsletters :

14 Jul 2015 Important! BBC has launched its BBC Local Radio Consultation - now is your chance to have your say!

14 Nov 2014 New BBC Plans for Dorset Radio Programme

11 Nov 2014 This is a DORBAG Test pls ignore

14 Apr 2014 News on BBC progress and Superfast Broadband for Dorset

30 Nov 2012

30 Nov 2012

22 May 2012 BBC announces new local radio station for Dorset!!

27 Apr 2011 DorBAG launches its own Blog. Give us your comments and tell your friends too!

18 Mar 2011 The unbelievable saga of the history of BBC Radio Dorset

15 Nov 2010 Ofcom start TV survey in W Dorset on Monday 15th November, 2010!

10 Jul 2010 Report Form missing map

29 Jun 2010 Notes on Recent DorBAG meeting with BBC & Digital UK

29 May 2010 BBC now launching an independent survey on the need for BBC Radio Dorset!

06 May 2010 BBC to conduct survey in rural Dorset for demand for BBC Radio Dorset!

06 Mar 2010 Notes on DorBAG meeting held with the BBC and Digital UK on 26th February, 2010

15 Feb 2010 DorBAG launches online Freeview Problem Report Form

12 Nov 2009 BBC announces new investments for Dorset!

05 Nov 2009 Can you help lobby the BBC?

26 Jul 2009 BBC launches a new BBC Radio programme exclusively for Dorset - the "Big Dorset Brunch"

07 Jul 2009

19 May 2009 Notes on DorBAG meeting & rare opportunity to give your views to the BBC Trust!

29 Apr 2009 Digital UK issues public briefing document for Stockland Hill switchover

02 Apr 2009 Notes on DorBAG meeting held on 27th March 2009

19 Jan 2009 Report on DorBAG meeting held on 16th January 2009

25 Nov 2008 Dorbag Committee Meeting Nov 08

09 Sep 2008 BBC snubs Dorset with launch of Gaelic channel for just 60,000 people

23 Jul 2008 Notes on meeting held on Friday 18th July, 2008

09 Jul 2008 Please support BBC Trusts public consultation for BBC Local teams

03 May 2008 Freesat

04 Mar 2008 Dorset County Council adds its weight to the DorBAG campaign!

27 Jan 2008 BBC commits to better equipment, more staff and a Managing Editor for Dorset

16 Jan 2008 DorBag - URGENT News - Please comment NOW!

12 Nov 2007 Mass Petition to Save BBC Radio Dorset! Go now to !

06 Nov 2007 SWEDBAG becomes DorBAG with new PRINTABLE petition forms and posters

25 Oct 2007 BBC asks for feedback on the cancellation of BBC Radio Dorset - HAVE YOUR SAY NOW!!

28 Sep 2007 Feedback from SWEDBAG Executive Committee meeting Friday 21st September, 2007

22 Aug 2007 SWEDBAG arranges BBC Information Bus to return to South & West Dorset!



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